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Obituary for Lucy Macaluso

Lucy Mae Macaluso, April 2, 2023.
Lucy passed away at home on April 2, 2023, with her loving and devoted parents by her side, following an almost two-year battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma. Lucy was supported in her final hours and on her way to her next adventure by not only her self-less parents, but by her extended family, near and far, and her beloved Grammy who was patiently waiting to welcome Lucy with loving arms. While small in stature and not even in double digits, Lucy never faltered during her multiple rounds of treatment, surgery, and never-ending medical appointments, procedures, and hospital visits. Lucy was, and will always be, a source of strength and inspiration to all who came in contact with her. Lucy was guided on this grueling journey by her parents, Adam and Jamie, who were her biggest champions, tireless advocates, endless researchers, fierce protectors, best friends and playmates, and most importantly, an unconditional and never-ending source of love and dedication. Lucy’s extended family and friends played an important supporting role.
Cancer took Lucy far too early, but it could not dim her light or smile…sometimes the ones who shine so brightly are only allowed to do so for a short time, and Lucy made the most of her time. Lucy’s life, while brief in time, was full of adventure, hugs, fun, friends, candy, kittens, and most importantly, an abundance of love. Lucy did not lose to cancer—Lucy won at love, life, and happiness. Cancer, no matter how hard it tried, could never take that from her.
Lucy is survived by her parents, Adam and Jamie (née Santola); her grandparents, Daniel Miller (“Grampy”), and Charles (“Grandpa”) and Anna Macaluso (“Nonni”); her aunts and uncles, Josh Santola (Kendall), Dominic Macaluso (Jennifer Romei), and Carla Macaluso (“Aunt Tati”) and Ralph Lucci (“Uncle Ralphie”); and her cousins, Emma and Abbey Santola, and Gabriel and Avery Macaluso. Lucy was predeceased by her grandmother, Terry Mae Miller (“Grammy”). Lucy is also survived by her much-loved cats Kenzie, Miss Baker, and Jacob.
Lucy was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Paterson, NJ on April 8, 2013. Lucy’s arrival was a cause for celebration and joy for all, but no one celebrated more than Lucy’s parents. Lucy completed their little family and together the three of them were unstoppable. Lucy’s birth immediately transformed her father into daddy—a mush who lovingly tended to his little girl’s every desire and became her constant companion and playmate, and more often than not was her make-up tester and pedicure model. Lucy, who was the spitting image of her mother, could not have gotten a better mommy—Jamie nurtured, gently directed, and dispensed wisdom and numerous life lessons to Lucy throughout Lucy’s life, all of which helped Lucy flourish. While both Lucy’s mother and father contributed different but equally important elements to her upbringing and development, they both provided the same overflowing amount of love and were Lucy’s united and unbreakable protectors. Lucy’s parent’s love for her was unmatched, and that is saying something given all the love others, including her family, friends, teachers, doctors, and even acquaintances who were lucky enough to feel her shine, showered on Lucy.
Lucy clearly took the best from both her parents, including her strength which came not only from her Marine father, but also from her mother who often deftly managed working, with caring for and loving Lucy while Adam was on deployment.
Lucy’s parents picked the perfect home for her to live and grow up—Ryder Road. Lucy had many Ryder Road friends, including her devoted lifelong best friend Zachy (Lucy and Zachy have known each other since before Lucy was born as Zachy’s mom introduced herself as Jamie and Adam loaded up their car to head to the hospital to give birth), who regularly checked in on Lucy and kept her company when she was not feeling 100 percent, and Lucy’s other bestie, Norelle, an honorary Ryder Road member and her recess buddy. Adam and Jamie’s home was the center of fun on Ryder Road and the house that all the kids, regardless of age, gravitated towards. It was also command central for many epic Ryder Road block parties.
As Lucy grew, she maintained her angelic appearance while developing her strong independent streak and fearless nature, and let’s not forget her burgeoning mischievousness. Growing up Lucy loved plushies (most of all Puppy), Calico Critters, American Girl, kittens, LOL dolls, and unicorns (often telling her Aunt Tati that unicorns were real!). Unicorns eventually gave way to Roblox, YouTube, horror movies, “real” manicures, TikTok videos, driving golf carts without a license, shopping at the mall and on the internet, and hoarding kittens (clearly inheriting the cat lady gene from Nonni).
Lucy’s love of adventures was encouraged by her parents who took her on many adventures near and far. Whether it be canoeing in Franklin Lakes; hiking in search of fairy and gnome houses; being brave enough to do a ropes course; learning gymnastics; taking ballroom dancing lessons; playing soccer (like her championship winning soccer mommy); joining girl scouts and selling cookies; numerous visits to NYC (including seeing Frozen on Broadway); countless summers spent at Grammy and Grampy’s house on Oneida Lake where Lucy got to go for endless boat rides with Grampy, enjoy her adored older cousins Emma and Abbey, and paddle boarded and kayaked to her heart’s content; and many summer days at Nonni and Grandpa’s house swimming in the pool with her cousins Avery and Gabriel, participating in epic water balloon battles, and enjoying an Italian BBQ of Nonni’s meatballs and pasta, along with hamburgers and hotdogs, and Doritos (a forbidden delicacy for Lucy!).
Lucy’s travels included trips to Disney (multiple times! And sometimes even with Grampy and Grammy), Rehoboth Beach, Washington, D.C., Newport, Rhode Island, Lake Placid, and the Jersey Shore--Lavallette and Barnacle Bills were her favored stomping grounds. Lucy even made the long journey with her mom to visit her dad while he was stationed in Honduras—Lucy’s smile was a bright spot to all who encountered her on the military base.
Lucy was known for many things including her wide-ranging palate and hearty appetite which constantly brought a smile to those around her. Lucy was never difficult to feed as she loved food, and all kinds including lobster, hibachi, crab legs, steak, ribs, Nonni’s meatballs and meat sauce, salmon, and the list goes on. There are many stories of someone getting ready to tuck into a nice meal, only to feel the weight of Lucy’s stare which ended with the chosen one happily handing over their food to Lucy to enjoy. At one Thanksgiving Lucy was reminded that she could stop eating if she was full and Lucy just responded with a little smirk while grabbing another forkful of spaghetti. Lucy’s love of candy began when she was 2 and in the checkout line in Lowe’s where she successfully “negotiated” with her mom for some sour patch kids. The love of candy was no fluke as during her first easter egg hunt Lucy was solely focused on opening and eating the content of each plastic egg as she gathered them. Lucy’s love of candy was encouraged and happily funded by Aunt Tati. And as much as she loved her candy, Lucy willingly shared it with her friends and family.
Lucy aspired to be a doctor. She took every opportunity to learn during the countless doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and treatments, often assisting her nurses during various procedures and asking questions. While Lucy will not have the opportunity to become a doctor, she still made a significant contribution as she participated in a trial that will assist with future studies and treatment for Ewing’s Sarcoma. Lucy was not defined by her cancer; rather, she was determined to assist in research in the hopes that no other child would need to suffer or endure what she did.
Lucy’s lasting legacies are too numerous to list, but it would certainly include her love for her parents, and her infectious smile which was unmatched. There was nothing in the world that was as wonderful as Lucy shining her light on you—we were blessed to be in Lucy’s orbit. We love you forever Lucy.
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A very special thank you to: The Valerie Center & Goryeb Children’s Hospital - too many to name but most notably - Dr. Kathryn Laurie and Nurse Erika, Dr. Wittig & Team, and Dr. Theodore Laetsch, Blair Segers, and the entire peds oncology team at CHOP.